Terms and conditions

These "General Conditions of Sale" apply to all transactions processed by the Order Processing Service indicated on the invoice.


For any order received by mail, fax, phone call, e-mail or recorded on one of exploited websites, the Customer agrees to prior and informed acceptance of these "terms of sale". The command received is recorded and validated provided be accompanied by full payment. Any command called "validated" is firm and cannot be terminated by the mere unilateral will of the purchaser for whatever cause.

Any ordering products from the range AXODIET DP packets must be of a shipment certificate of non-contra-indication to the protein diet, issued by a physician. This document must be received by email [email protected] within 72 hours after the order transmitted online by the customer. It is possible for the customer to send his order up to three months following the issuance of the certificate of non-contra-indication.


The articles provided are consistent with those specified in the order. The photographs illustrating the articles, the description and presentation texts do not enter the contractual field. The customer service is committed to respond to any request normally expressed.


A - Location offer coverage
The offer covers three geographical areas:
  • Zones 1 andt 2 (EC countries) : Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland (Eire), Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, UK, Sweden
  • Zone 4 : Norway and Switzerland
B - Delivery Methods
For the European Community member countries (Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland (Eire), Portugal, UK, Sweden), package delivery is made by Chronopost, Monday to Friday before 6:00pm except Sundays and holidays,between  two and for opening days after the receipt of the order (before 15:30 Monday to Friday), according to the recipient's address.
A fee schedule was established based on package weight.

For countries outside the European Union, delivery is also performed by Chronopost.
Should be added to the delivery rates, of customs duty payable on delivery whose value depends on the regulations in the country of the buyer.

In all cases, delivery is made no later than within 30 days from the receipt of the order under penalty of contract termination and repayment of amounts owed.

The goods travel at the risk of the recipient regardless of the mode of shipment, our liability for failure or damage cannot be blamed if the package does not contain any trace of breakage or abuse.
If the packages have traces of tampering or abuse, the buyer must make a reasoned protest to the carrier within three days from the delivery of the order.
Beyond this date, no claim will be accepted.

In case of non-conformity of the offer, the seller undertakes to remedy or reimburse the customer, shipping and return of the included packages.

Orders are processed and delivered as soon as possible. However, any delay does not entitle the buyer to reject the goods, to claim a discount on the product sale price, to request cancellation or termination of the contract or to claim damages.

Selling price
Unless otherwise agreed, all our prices are inclusive of taxes. The goods are invoiced based on the rates in effect at the order validation day. Shipping costs are extra.

Payment terms
The payments are made in cash to the order online, by international credit card. Any order not accompanied by payment cannot be validated.

The ownership of the goods listed on the invoice is for the seller until full payment.

Conditions for retrurn of goods
The buyer has a period of 7 working days from the date of delivery of his order to return any item that does not suit him and ask exchange or refund without penalty, except for expenses return.
Products returned for non-satisfaction must be a return request from Customer Service, by phone, email or fax. Our Customer Service will assist you by providing you with the information necessary to carry out formalities:


  • within 7 days of delivery for a withdrawal from the date of receipt
  • within 15 days for a defect or if you have not received the correct reference
  • We do not accept returned products without a prior request
  • delivery cost for returned items remain to the customer, but the original delivery charges will be refunded.
  • In case of refusal of the package, a penalty of 5.50 euros equivalent to the postage costs will remain at the customer.

Please note that you cannot exercise withdrawal if the products were used or initiated. Only sealed products will be included. The return will be accepted only if the product is in perfect condition, ie in its original packaging, undamaged and accompanied by all its accessories (notes, cords, remote controls, guaranteed ...) to his own re-marketing .

Items returned incomplete, damaged or soiled by the Customer will be refused.

The guarantee of our products are by express agreement, strictly limited to replacement of products recognized by us as defective, to the exclusion of all costs, compensation and damages.

Award of competence
In case of dispute, the Court of Commerce of Luxembourg has jurisdiction. Sales are governed exclusively by the provisions of Luxembourg law in force at the formation of our contract with our client and by these general conditions of sale are an integral part of all contracts for sales.