Need some help ? 

You still have one AXODIET order form for purchasing individual packets.  You may order by telephone at 00 33 (0)3 66 74 44 44 Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm (French time).

How to order ?

You intend to start an Axodiet program, please read the following steps to receive your articles:

I visit my physician

During this visit:
  • I choose the diet method that fits me best
  • I make a biological checkup to reveal my possible micro-nutritional deficiencies
  • My physician gives me a non contra-indication certificate, allowing me to consume hyperprotein preparations

I visit

I choose the articles according to the method choosen (Axovital Diet or Frequence 4) with my physician. I may add diet supplements if needed.

I select the packets offered

I choose, according to the total amount of my order, the packets offered.

I register or update my personal information

I create my customer file or complete it with latest invoice and delivery details.

I access the secure payment step

I access the secure payment step where my AXODIET products can be paid by credit card.

I don’t forget to send my non contra-indication certificate

To prevent any delay in my order delivery process, I send by mail, fax or e-mail my physician’s certificate.