Your physician, trained in the protein diet, and in the absence of contra-indications, will determine with you :

  • The number of kilos to lose to arrive at your ideal weight
  • The various phases and steps of the method as well as their duration
  • The number of AXOVITAL packets to be consumed daily as well as the choice and quantities of authorized vegetables
  • He or she will give you a medical certificate allowing you to follow a hyperprotein diet
  • Your physician may also prescribe a biological check-up to determine any deficiencies or partial deficiencies in vitamins or minerals which may impede proper weight loss. As proven in the ANSES report (the national agency responsable for health and safety in food , the environment and the work place), weight loss diets undertaken without a physician’s recommendation or guidance and which are widely available to the public in retail outlets or via the internet can present serious health risks. It highlights the damaging effects on the body, notably to bones, heart and kidneys as well as psychological problems, notably eating disorders. All of these consequences are often the result of micronutritional deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids . . . ) Thanks to the biological check-up, your physician can detect all deficiencies that can impede weight loss. He or she will recommend specific supplements to avoid resistance to weight loss as well as psychological problems.